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I started writing Kindness Magnet in April, 2021 because I was curious about the practical benefits of being kind.

It turns out, there are a lot of brilliant, scientific minds that have been poking and prodding into kindness and they have made some pretty terrific discoveries.

Kindness can improve your physical and mental health, helping reduce cardiovascular disease, decrease depression, and help you live longer. Kindness produces oxytocin and dopamine which improves your mood and happiness. By practicing kindness, you can rewire the neurotransmitters in your brain to reduce negative thoughts. And kind acts create a ripple effect that positively impacts others, almost infinitely.

Kind communication and actions have the power to build relationships, open doors to opportunities, provide a sense of purpose and create happiness.

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  • “Your personal, story-focused, sweetness still comes off as authentic, vulnerable and (of course) kind.”

  • “The world could use more kindness. Start here.”

  • “Heather writes a thoughtful and uplifting newsletter each Monday. A great way to start the week!”

  • “We all need inspiration. We all need to take a stand. Kindness Magnet offers simple, inspiring suggestions for anybody.”

  • “Kindness is easy to do... and all too easy to forget. Reading Heather J Brebaugh's Kindness Magnet helps us remember this important skill.”

  • “This is so good.” 💓🙏👏

  • “Great thoughts today, Heather. I like your phrase, “How’s your day going.”

  • “What a lovely reminder, Heather. Such an easy way to brighten someone's day and thereby, brighten our own!”

  • “As someone who has always talked to folk at the checkouts, I love this tale.”

  • “What a beautiful, inspiring story... it just made my day.”

  • “That was so heart-warming! I know that the lives of countless people have been enriched by that experience.”

  • “I love seeing the many ways we can be generous.”

  • “This is, without doubt, the cutest, kindest and most cuddly story of paying it forward that I've ever read.”

  • “Thanks for refreshing the idea that everyone has a story.”

  • “Just love this article. ‘You have to do what you enjoy.’ Such good advice.”

  • That old fear of looking stupid. If I could cut one part out of my head, that would be it.”

  • “This post made my day 😁😁 Mostly because I can totally relate from back in my travel days. Nothing tops human connections with people of different cultures!”

  • “Beautiful story. I needed to hear that this morning.”

  • “I will take up your challenge to say good morning to everyone I pass by and maybe even give a little compliment or two.”

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